Climate Change

Our approach to reducing carbon emission

Climate Change is currently the largest global crisis we are facing. The UK government have set an ambitious target to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 and to reach net zero by 2050. We at Sonali Bank (UK) Limited (SBUK) are contributing towards tackling climate change and supporting a sustainable, low carbon future.

SBUK currently produces a relatively low carbon footprint, but we aim to continue our efforts in reducing our Greenhouse gas emissions further and to reach a net zero emission by 2030, if not sooner. It is our responsibility to ensure that the environment is not affected whilst we continue to grow and continue to be there for the community we serve.

Our mission to turning our Golden Bank green

The project to support this act was initiated at SBUK in 2018. We have already actioned and strategized on how to reach net zero emissions from our own operations as part of the ‘modernisation’ project of our bank.

However, we believe that our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero for our own operations is a simpler task, therefore we will now be focusing more on encouraging the reduction of emissions for our customers that we finance as well as third parties.

We are aware that the transportation sector is the world’s largest contributor of carbon emissions. As Trade Finance is one of our main businesses, we at SBUK will also be assessing and urging our clients to reduce their carbon footprint to net zero by 2050.

“Change almost never fails because its too early, It almost always fails because it is too late”

Seth Godin

Our journey to Net Zero carbon emisions

2020 – Paperless

We have dedicated our time since 2018 in order to achieve a paperless office

2021 Energy saving lights

All lights have been replaced with energy saving light bulbs and PIR has been installed at both branches as part of the refurbishment

2023 Implementation of Solar panels and smart batteries

Investing in carbon-cutting for both London and Birmingham offices to reduce our consumption of greenhouse gas electric energy

2021 – Airconditioning

As part of the major refurbishment project at SBUK, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, the airconditioning units have been replaced with an efficient substitute releasing near to zero emission

2022 Change to a green Energy Supplier

Majority of our carbon footprint originates from our electrical energy, therefore we are on the hunt to change our suppliers to a more eco-friendly supplier

2024 Seeking Green Vendors

Ensuring our vendors are eco-friendly companies before partnering with them

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